Saturday, 22 March 2014

Interview at SoapJam

Silvia at is one of those lovely soapmakers and bloggers that contacted me early on in her soap making adventures, full of excitement and questions.  I love getting those emails from excited new soapmakers and love helping them.  I really can't believe how far she has come in less than a year!! 

She recently asked me to do an interview, sent me some great questions and has now posted the interview in 2 parts on her blog.  If you wish to read the interview, head on over to Silvia's blog.

We had 75 litres of wonderful, rich, recently pressed organic extra-virgen olive oil was delivered the other day by David from the olive oil mil we work with.  Inhaling the scent is heaven... so we are heading into full-on soap production!  So excited!   We are also making soap for this olive oil mill with their oil. 

Happy soaping everyone and Happy Spring!!!




Donna OShaughnessy said...

Hi Jen! Loved reading the interview, you are always such an inspiration not just because of WHAT you do but because of HOW you do it. With so much pure joy!

soapjam said...

I agree with Donna - she put it succinctly. :-)

Jennifer Young said...

Donna & Sylvia, Thanks so much for your awesome comments. You guys rock!!! xo Jen

pirouette handmade essentials said...

Its a great work